Important Announcement About Rajam Roose, HHP!

After working in the massage profession for 16 years, I will be closing my office doors on September 25, 2015.

I'm taking a year sabbatical from the massage profession to focus on other endeavors that have become more successful than I had realized and require more of my time. These are the San Diego Pain Summit and Roose Business Consulting.

Thank you so much for your support during the 10 years that I've worked here in Mission Hills. Without my clients, I would have not have enjoyed the decade of success that I had working as a massage therapist here in the city of San Diego.

During this time, my new office hours are Monday-Friday 10am-6pm

I would like to recommend my colleague, Angela Robertson. Her office is in La Mesa, but she is one of the most competent and skilled massage therapists I know in San Diego. Her website is

Gift Certificate & Package (Buy 6, get 7th free) policies are as follows:

* Gift certificates will not be redeemed for cash. If you have a gift certificate, please schedule your appointment or gift to a friend/family member who can use the session.

* Packages (Buy 6, get 7th free): All remaining balances left on the series will be redeemed via cashier's check before October 31, 2015, but not before September 25, 2015.